Be Fab Revolution: The What

We’ve all received the birthday card declaring, “Happy 50th. You’re now officially over the hill!”

Politely, we accept the humorous cards as part of the ritual of turning 50. It’s a big milestone.

Perhaps as a society we are a little uncomfortable with aging. So, we make fun of it.

We call each other “old.” It’s all done in a spirit of fun and often, the “oldie” cards keep coming as the years tick on.

The negative stereotype of aging is so ingrained in our psyches and culture, it is difficult to overcome.

So, most of us don’t even try. We either just accept it and perpetuate it, or as is common with Baby Boomers, we deny that it’s happening at all and fight it mightily.

BeFab Revolution is a community of women. We are dedicated to inspiring and empowering women age 50+ to be FABULOUS, not FABULESS and live fearlessly into our truth and passion as we continue to learn, grow and transform.

As a member of the BeFab Revolution community, you will have access to monthly featured experts; physicians (M.D.s/N.D.s) and industry insiders, sharing with us the most current information/advice via online webinars on topics that are uniquely important to us.

  • Isn’t navigating menopause tricky? How about hearing from doctors the truth about HRT and what are bio-identical hormones, anyway? What can I do for hot flashes?
  • Do you have an urge for greater self-fulfillment now that you’re an empty nester? Have that haunting desire to discover your long suppressed personal passion(s), but don’t know what step to take first? Come join us to connect with a nationally known speaker, author and consultant on how to find and/or further your personal passion and creativity.
  • Thinking about a significant career change or want to get back on the career path after years of putting your family first? You can find guidance and advice with us.
  • Are you overwhelmed with caring for your aging parent(s)? Our featured experts will guide you through the best advice, and will teach you self-care as a care-taker, along the way.

These are just a few topics we’ll discuss each month. In addition, you will have access to a growing active private Facebook community of like-minded women with whom you will network, share ideas, stories and build relationships. And we’ll have some fun along the way!

We are women age 50+

We are Fabulous, not Fabuless!

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About Gretchen

I had the worst decade ever! I lost everything.

Devastated by the death of my mother, for whom I stepped out of the corporate world to provide care (8 years), I also lost my home and life’s savings to a bad investment like many others during the economic crisis. Luckily, a friend took me in to help me get back on my feet.

During these years of my journey back to myself, I was shell-shocked. On top of it, I was struggling with full-blown menopausal symptoms; weight fluctuation, horrendous hot flashes, brain fog, and loss of self-esteem.  I used to be one of those women who always turned heads and my energy was a magnet for others.  I lost all desire to engage with people and wanted to turn inward in my solitude.  I was becoming someone I didn’t know.

I discovered that many women feel this way with the changes that menopause brings.  Many of us become a smaller version of ourselves for good or for a time until we can find our new selves.  I read thousands of posts in menopause Facebook groups which were a testament to what I was feeling.  I felt more FABULESS than FABULOUS, like the thousands of women sharing their challenges.  I forgot that I was age 50+ and FABULOUS for a bit. The idea of decades ahead for me in this state, was unbearable.

I needed to get on top of things again; my health, my financial well-being, my passions. I didn’t know anything about menopause but I knew I needed to get myself educated. So I did. I had an overwhelming urge to re-invent my life, so I had to figure out how to do that.

In the summer of 2015, I attended a week-long Women’s Business Conference. During the conference I sat down with a branding expert to discuss the skin care line I was formulating and looking to manufacture, called BeFab Skin Care. He proceeded to tell me that the terms, “Fab” or “Fabulous” are not relevant for women my age (age 50+) because women my age are looking to retire, slow down and just look after the grandkids.

I was shocked by his words and thought about his comments my entire flight home and for a few months after. During which time I read and researched everything I could get my hands on about women age 50+. I couldn’t let that go, “Are we irrelevant, not fabulous?” I saw the cultural bias against women and ageism everywhere; in the social and business arenas.

I had no idea this one singular conversation would transform me and transform my business. I never thought that this conversation would inspire me to be a crusader for women “of a certain age.”

I have put my skin care line on the back burner to focus on creating a powerful community of and for women age 50+ because in a youth obsessed society, we should be unapologetic for our wisdom, experience, compassion, beauty and unique gifts that IS the woman age 50+.

I’m excited to get to know the lovely women who resonate with this vision and are drawn to this community. We are FABULOUS and we should fully own and express it in all we do as women age 50+.