All women are not “just” women. 

We get lumped into the demographic of “just” women by much in this world, yet we’re so diverse. 

Last week, I had a meeting with a truly “ahhhmazing” woman I am lucky enough to know; Stephanie Holland, Founder of Stephanie is the Oracle for men when it comes to marketing to women. She explained that all women are not “just” women is a key concept she teaches others who want to understand how to market their products and services to women. Just make it pink isn’t the answer. Can I get an amen on this?

I’ve been fascinated by culture and subcultures for decades. 

…and we (women 50+) are such a fascinating culture if you will.

In fact, I’ve worked in the culture arena for more than 20 years as a corporate consultant. I’ve helped some of the best-known companies change corporate culture and understand how people move through personal and professional transitions. I’ve traveled fairly extensively and even lived overseas (Japan) and been immersed in different cultures.

Within our age demographic…we’re so different and full of fun and fascinating subcultures but we should never be considered “just” women. We all have different thoughts, experiences, points of view, dreams, struggles, triumphs, etc. We can often be at opposite extremes of any given spectrum.

I see it even with my network of friends. Some are happily running down the clock to retirement, looking forward to never hitting the snooze button again and living a more relaxed life. While others are steaming ahead into a whole new career; turning that hobby into a business or simply providing their expertise to the world in a different way.

Not too long ago, I conducted a Facebook Poll to find out what’s most important to women 50+ and I wrote an article about the findings.

Women vote most important issues to them

Not surprising, women chimed in on the BeFab Revolution Facebook page. I had to laugh out loud when a respondent mentioned that her answers might change based on the day the poll happened across her Facebook feed. If she’s ticked off with her spouse, she might answer the category of relationship is most important. Another day, it might be passion or well-being.

Isn’t that the truth?

I spend quite a bit of time connecting with women online. I’m a member of many private Facebook groups in which women feel safe sharing themselves in very honest ways. In one group, the Community Admin asked members how they feel about aging.

Here’s a perfect example of how women are not “just” women. I really like the range of the spectrum of how we feel about aging. [I blocked out photos and last names for obvious reasons].

With whom to do relate the most here? With Theresa, Gloria, Linda or Laurie?

For me, I would say I relate most to Linda. Menopause has been quite the challenge for me but I love my experience, wisdom (although some might say that’s debatable) and who I’ve become in my 50s.

I do feel the subtle societal cloak of invisibility at times that is placed on mature women. Sometimes it bothers me, sometimes I really don’t care. You certainly couldn’t pay me enough to be a 20-something again with the angst of trying to discover who I am. I like the steadfastness of knowing myself now; being able to kick butt in my world, be unabashedly, ridiculously silly when I feel like it and inspire people (sometimes anyway) when I can.

Since we (women 50+) are not “just” women, I expect our thoughts and experiences around aging will be diverse. I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Chime in below or pop on over to the BeFab Revolution Facebook page and share.