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Fabulous Always
Lips that stay! Water & crease resistant make-up! Anti-aging and products that work! SeneGence and LipSense offers it all!

Why spend countless dollars and hours trying to find products that say they will work, only to read reviews that say otherwise? I have the products, ladies. Our founder, Joni, met her goal of developing “products that work” in skincare, cosmetics and lip color. Our products stay where they belongs without creasing, cracking or sweating off.
Our products promote a 23% cellular renewal...that is huge in anti-aging!
I can match colors, offer suggestions and help you love your skin and look.
I'm Lyn Fried, your Certified SeneBlends Make-up Artist. I'd love to work with you!  You can find my free online skincare & makeup lessons here:

To download my free Beauty Book, copy & paste this into your browser:

1280 Prospect Commons, #221
Sun Prairie, WI. 53590
I offer anti-aging products that work, cosmetic products that show our best features, instead of aging us. Our age requires changes (I am 60) and I am familiar with all the challenges and overwhelming choices. They can be costly and disappointing. Work with me to find the best products for your skin as you mature.
Fit Scholar Health and Wellness Coaching
Total body, mind, and spirit health is key to living a fulfilled life. As a health and wellness coach through Beachbody, I will customize a nutrition, fitness, and overall wellness plan for you to reach your health and wellness goals.

I discovered how food can heal and how fitness can energize on my own health and wellness journey. As an independent health and wellness coach, I will customize a nutrition plan along with an appropriate fitness and mindset plan. All nutrition plans are easy to follow and fitness programs are most easily done at home. I will provide one-on-one coaching to help you reach your wellness goals, along with accountability groups that encourage and challenge members.

Nutrition, exercise, and a positive mindset are key to navigate through aging. Through Beachbody, and my personal coaching, I can help women 50+ be their healthiest so they can get the most out of life.
Fulfilled After 50
How can you make your second half just as good or even More spectacular than your first?

When was the last time you have taken time for yourself?
Do you find yourself in overwhelm and worry in your own thoughts?
Has life gotten so chaotic and busy you feel the joy has been sucked out of you?
Then this is where Your Second Act Retreat is for you!
It's a live, in-person retreat designed for women to gather and connect with other positive, inspiring , uplifting women in small, intimate groups. It is where Authentic Relationships are formed so we can listen and work on healing from the inside out. Taking care of yourself does not mean Me First, it means Me Too! You have to fill your own well before you can truly serve others such as your spouse, children, or elderly parents...or even be the best version of you that you can be.
You will leave this retreat:
-feeling centered
-feeling renewed
-reconnected to your authentic self
-educated about Nutritious Healing Foods that make your body sing
-prepared with meal plans you can use back at home
-with new inspiring, uplifting, authentic friendships who will be there for you as you go back to your daily life

Come join us for for Your Second Act Retreat, February 21-24, 2019 in Duck, North Carolina, USA! Contact Alice for more information by clicking on the website link.

721 Railway Road
Yorktown,VA 23692
We encourage, inspire, uplift women so their cups are filled to tackle what life may bring in a Positive light.
Hot Toddy @ 50
Optimize your health in 8 days! Truly at 51 made a difference in as little as 5 days!

Excited to offer lose 6-15 pounds in 8 days with naturally-sourced, food-based, gluten-free, non-GMO supplements that can help with your overall health and well-being. Learn why supplementing is important, and how these naturally sourced supplements are transforming the health and wealth of individuals across the world.
Look Better. Feel Better. Live Better. Feel better at 52 than I have in 30 years trust me I had tried everything.

15211-139 St NW
Edmonton, AB
I know I have found the solution at 52 that has helped me control my emotional eating, have love relationship with food & literally given me my life back with a 30 money back guaranteed system.
Incite Inspirations Inc.
Emotional Wellness for Women

Hello, my name is Marnel Hesterman, my business name is Incite Inspirations and I am an Emotional Wellness Specialist for Women.
I am a Certified Life Coach and Tapping Practitioner.
I gently guide women to release emotions attached to traumatic life events, stress, overwhelm, anxiety, food cravings, fears, depression, relationship issues, feeling stuck and so much more.
All my sessions are guaranteed! If you do not feel better when your session is complete, you do not pay!
I confidently stand behind my guarantee because; Emotional Wellness works!!
LET GO of Emotional Burdens, Explore and Release Root Causes, See New Perspectives and Options for your life moving forward. Regain, your Calm, Clarity and Confidence.
See Success Stories at
If you are wondering if Emotional Wellness would be right for you, set up your 10-minute Complimentary Telephone Consultation simply by emailing me ( or call me (1-403-318-3191)
Wishing you a Truly Inspired Day!

Red Deer, Alberta
Women over 50 have had a lot of life experiences, some good, some not so good. How often do we tell ourselves that we should just get over whatever is bothering us? We have all had negative experiences in our lives. We learn to stuff the hurt, the anger, the fear, the humiliation, the shame or whatever emotion we experienced at the time and we now hold that negative emotional energy in our bodies and in our subconscious mind. We may not even be aware that we are still holding negative energy from events that have happened in our lives; however, they can be affecting our lives at a sub-conscious level to a far greater extent than we think. We no longer have to live with the emotional stress related to the events, from the past, or from our worries and stresses of today. Let Go of emotional baggage and look at the events/experiences from a different perspective without the attached emotions. Regain your Calm, Clarity and Confidence. See other Options for your life moving forward. I offer online sessions as well as in person sessions in Red Deer, Alberta Canada. (All sessions in English only)
Inner Light Transformational Coaching & Craniosacral Therapy
Helping you find Purpose, peace, and wellbeing that are naturally, innately, yours through connecting with your Inner Wisdom to design your next chapter

Feeling the desire for more meaning in your life? Is it time to put "YOU" on the front burner in your next chapter?

And, you're likely feeling a little stressed and restless because you're unsure how to make this happen. That stress may even be negatively impacting your body, and zapping your energy. You're not alone.

If I could only say one thing before leaving this life it would be this: You DO have a Purpose. Everyone does. And, the world needs you to live it fully more than ever. The answers you seek are within you. You don't need to look outside yourself. You simply need to learn to listen to the guidance built within you. There's a light inside of you waiting to shine brightly on the world! Let it shine!

Transformational Coaching, done by phone, may be a dynamic resource for you. We work with the deeper non-conscious parts of your authenticity so that your answers come from deep inside your heart, your heart's desires. Those desires are inspired by your Soul's Intentions. Working together, we help you align your higher self and your human self, learning the skill of connecting with your Inner Wisdom. We help you transcend the story you have been living, setting aside your "shoulds" and "musts", to discover the new one your Soul is guiding you to live. Thus, you discover your answers, align with your Soul's Path more fully, resolve your stress and challenges at the source, for Peace, Purpose, and Wellbeing.

Transformational Coaching is a program, with each session building upon the previous. We help you get clear about what you may want, what may be stopping you, how to transform your blocks, and create a Life On-Purpose Plan. It doesn't make sense for me to work with everyone, and I use an application process to see if we are a great fit to ensure a favorable experience for us both. You can apply for a Discovery Session on my website.

The tools and concepts I share with my clients are the same ones as those I have used myself to transform my life. My process began when I was experiencing some physical symptoms that did not resolve with conventional treatment. I eventually realized I was ignoring my Soul's whispers guiding me to more Purpose in my life. When I listened, the path to my Purpose revealed itself. I followed it, I feel great, and I now offer that experience to others, like you.

Talk to you soon!

You've reached that magical, yet tender, time in life when "what's next for me?" surfaces. You've followed the steps before you, maybe living by default, prioritizing your "shoulds", and/or living someone else's idea of your life. As you're thinking about retirement, you want to make yourself a priority, and make a difference in the world that only you can make. Let's help you find your way clearly to doing that.
Kimberly Petree OMP,HHP,FNMT, NP
Kimberly Petree is a leading board certified Integrative Health Care Practitioner passionate about educating empowering and transforming lives towards becoming healthy. She is a mind-body-spirit expert with over 22 years of experience in women’s health and wellness. Kimberly is also a an author of two wellness books, speaker and advocate for Integrative Health and Medicine. Kimberly volunteers as a teacher and chapter leader for the national Holistic Mom’s Network, and Propel Women’s Ministry. Kimberly’s passion is seeing lives changed Body, Mind and Spirit.

Having a portfolio that boasts of a remarkable 22 years in the health care industry, Kimberly began her career in an Urgent Care Center exposing her to Traditional Chinese Medicine in conjunction with Traditional Mainstream Medicine. This combination of treatment modalities provided amazing results in helping people recover for chronic illness, and minor surgery. During her time at the clinic, Kimberly received acupuncture treatments for her PCOS. After experiencing first hand the phenomenal results, Kimberly decided to get a formal education in Oriental Medicine and she attended one of the nations top university’s for Holistic Health and Oriental Medicine. Kimberly’s career moved her to become an assistant to some of the nations top OB/GYN & Infertility specialists, working directly with women who were suffering from Gynecologic and Infertility issues.
Kimberly formed her private practice in 2000 where she specializes in Women’s health issues such as Hormonal imbalances, PCOS, Autoimmune Disease and Lyme Disease. As a response to the needs of her international patients In January 2017, Kimberly started Vitalis International. Offering international and local wellness retreats. This provided an option for people who wanted to work with Kimberly in a one on one manner. Incorporating her clinical application of Holistic & Integrative Health in the retreat setting. Irrespective of their location in the world, Kimberly works closely with her clients, their team of doctors, and relies on her comprehensive knowledge and expertise on multiple systems of health care, including integrative, functional, conventional and holistic therapies to get to the root cause of the dis-ease. Following and in-depth investigation into any given problem, Kimberly delivers a comprehensive, custom, health plan utilizing all areas of Integrative Holistic Health to include; BioFeedback, nutritional counseling, oriental medicine therapy, NeuroMuscular therapy, homeopathic medicine, and health education classes. Creating perfect wellness of the Body,Mind, and Spirit.
Kimberly is a widely sought speaker at professional conferences, and wellness events. She speaks on Reversing Autoimmune disease, Cellular health and repair, Endocannabinoid System and biblical principles of health.

3180 North Point Pkwy Ste.101, Alpharetta, GA 30005
Move Into Mindfulness, LLC
I work with people who are beginning to feel the pain of aging and are afraid of that slippery slope. I help them navigate their journey with clarity and excitement, age with less pain, and the energy of a much younger person.

You probably realize you need to make some changes in your lifestyle. Perhaps you’re looking at others who are aging and you see the handwriting on the wall. Maybe your doctor has given you bad news. Or maybe you'd like to get into those 'skinny jeans' again.

I understand what it's like to wake up every day feeling lousy... depressed...confused about what to do...or simply 'lost.' Life is full of transitions that we need to cross. Often they’re unsettling or down-right scary, fraught with stress and anxiety.

I'd like to help you on your journey.

How would it feel to be completely clear about how to solve your problems? How much more productive could you be? How would you like to wake up feeling happy, energized, motivated about where you are and where you’re going? Wouldn't it be great if making healthy choices was as natural to you as brushing your teeth?

You CAN! You already have it in you! Sometimes it just gets lost in the overwhelm; it’s hard to know where to start to heal your body and your flagging spirit.

Whatever your reason, I'm here to guide you. With my E.M.T. for Your Health system, I teach you core skills to create and MAINTAIN a balanced and healthy lifestyle. This way you inherently experience a more vibrant body and peaceful mind, helping you smoothly transition through the next steps in your life.

You've been there for others all your life. Isn't it time to focus on your own needs?

If this resonates with you, I invite you to schedule a free consultation with me. Together we'll create a customized plan to discover your path to let go of the stress and old habits; move towards new, energizing habits; and feel clear, connected, and vibrant through the transition.

At the end of the session, you'll know whether I'm the right person to help you execute the plan.

Schedule your appointment today - ITS FREE, and it's GREAT!
Copy this link and paste into your browser:

Let's get started.

360 317.1448
471 Dexter Lane
Friday Harbor WA 98250
I help women feel better at 50+ ( both physically and mentally) than they did when they were younger.
Murrie Torrelio
Helping people to directly address the 2 main forces of aging: the increasing amount of inflammation and free radicals in the body & the decreasing ability of the body to make energy.

According to the National Institute of Aging, normal changes of aging include atrophy of the brain, inflammation, increased quantities of free radicals, & mitochondrial dysfunction (a breakdown of the ability of the cell to make energy). Through biohacking and nutrigenomics, I help people directly address each of these factors that begin to affect us after our growing years (after age 20 or so).

1080 Cypress Parkway, PMB 1133, Kissimmee
We help women feel livelier, have more energy, more mental focus--in short, better enjoy living this chapter of life.
Rita Barry Consulting

Rita Barry is website designer, certified sales funnel and paid traffic specialist who helps female entrepreneurs build results driven websites for their audiences. Since 2009, she’s worked with 100’s of woman (including Gretchen from Befab!) through her online programs and one-on-one services.

She has been recognized for her leadership by leading sites include the Female Entrepreneur Association, KissMetrics and Boost Blog Traffic. Rita has also been a featured speaker at such events as the inaugural IDEA World BlogFest Conference in Anaheim, California and has taught small business website design and Facebook marketing for Portage College at various campuses in throughout Alberta, Canada.

By creating beautiful websites and paid traffic campaigns, we help bring your online business to life.