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BeFab Revolution FAB BIZ Directory
We are the first-ever online business directory for and of women (age) 50+. We market the businesses listed in this FAB BIZ Directory into a closed Facebook Community (Fab Women Over 50) we own and manage. Fab Women Over 50 has over 14,000 members and growing. Individual marketing is not allowed in Fab Women Over 50.

We celebrate businesses that celebrate you: these organizations, events, and people are FABULOUS because they support women 50+ by providing unique and exciting products, services, experiences, and opportunities.

If you’re a woman better than 50 and you’d like to support other women-owned businesses, please enjoy browsing this Fab Business Directory. Shop with Sisters first.

When you see products and/or services that interests you, contact your fellow 50+er directly through their FAB BIZ listing. You’ll feel great doing business with and supporting women just like you.
If you’re a woman (age 50+) and you have a business that serves 50+ women, joining our FAB BIZ Directory is for you!


Issaquah, WA
Who runs the world? Well, we certainly want it to be Women 50+, don’t you? Welcome to the first-ever online database of businesses by and for us, fabulous US! Women better than 50!