Life & Career Coaching

Kelly Myszkowski, BCTMB, BCST, LMT, CTC, CGI
Helping you find Purpose, peace, and wellbeing that are naturally, innately, yours through connecting with your Inner Wisdom to design your next chapter

Feeling the desire for more meaning in your life? Is it time to put “YOU” on the front burner in your next chapter?

And, you’re likely feeling a little stressed and restless because you’re unsure how to make this happen. That stress may even be negatively impacting your body, and zapping your energy. You’re not alone.

If I could only say one thing before leaving this life it would be this: You DO have a Purpose. Everyone does. And, the world needs you to live it fully more than ever. The answers you seek are within you. You don’t need to look outside yourself. You simply need to learn to listen to the guidance built within you. There’s a light inside of you waiting to shine brightly on the world! Let it shine!

Transformational Coaching, done by phone, may be a dynamic resource for you. We work with the deeper non-conscious parts of your authenticity so that your answers come from deep inside your heart, your heart’s desires. Those desires are inspired by your Soul’s Intentions. Working together, we help you align your higher self and your human self, learning the skill of connecting with your Inner Wisdom. We help you transcend the story you have been living, setting aside your “shoulds” and “musts”, to discover the new one your Soul is guiding you to live. Thus, you discover your answers, align with your Soul’s Path more fully, resolve your stress and challenges at the source, for Peace, Purpose, and Wellbeing.

Transformational Coaching is a program, with each session building upon the previous. We help you get clear about what you may want, what may be stopping you, how to transform your blocks, and create a Life On-Purpose Plan. It doesn’t make sense for me to work with everyone, and I use an application process to see if we are a great fit to ensure a favorable experience for us both. You can apply for a Discovery Session on my website.

The tools and concepts I share with my clients are the same ones as those I have used myself to transform my life. My process began when I was experiencing some physical symptoms that did not resolve with conventional treatment. I eventually realized I was ignoring my Soul’s whispers guiding me to more Purpose in my life. When I listened, the path to my Purpose revealed itself. I followed it, I feel great, and I now offer that experience to others, like you.

Talk to you soon!

You’ve reached that magical, yet tender, time in life when “what’s next for me?” surfaces. You’ve followed the steps before you, maybe living by default, prioritizing your “shoulds”, and/or living someone else’s idea of your life. As you’re thinking about retirement, you want to make yourself a priority, and make a difference in the world that only you can make. Let’s help you find your way clearly to doing that.
Scrappy Frontier Media, LLC
Scrappy Frontier: Entrepreneurship School for Women 50+

Scrappy Frontier: Entrepreneurship School for Women 50+. I help women start businesses doing something they love. You’ve got the experience. I can teach you the process – even the tech and social media stuff (easy peasy).

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I help women 50+ start small businesses doing something they love.
BeFab Revolution
We want to live in a world where women better than 50 are respected and celebrated – so we created one!

BeFab Revolution is a virtual community of real women 50+ from 30 countries and growing. We are dedicated to inspiring and empowering women age 50+ to be FABULOUS – not FABULESS –to live fearlessly, truthfully, and passionately. We are dedicated to learning, growing, and transforming – together! We want to thrive and embrace life; to acknowledge the fabulous women we have each become and make connections with others traveling the same paths. We are fabulous! We are wives, mothers, aunts, career women, athletes, artists, survivors, mentors, leaders…

Our private, members-only community is the only place for women 50+ to build relationships and share our wisdom with women around the world. We are redefining what it means to be women 50+!

Join us and experience the connection of our extraordinary community!

We are a revolution that celebrates being women who are still growing and thriving.