BeFab Revolution is honored to provide this FREE Facebook group for women 50+ to connect, share, and celebrate!

We’re able to keep this group running free of charge as long as it’s primarily self-moderating. If you’re removed from the group, it’s because our members flagged you for violating one or more of these guidelines.


Be Kind, Promote Properly, Respect Others

Be Kind

We’re here to restore the love, light, and FUN to being women 50+! This is NOT the place to judge, put or bring others down.

Remember that we’re all in different places regarding our current challenges. Be compassionate to where a sister is on her journey, even though you have already completed a very similar sojourn.

Keep it positive! We welcome discussion of all lifestyle topics, but do so in a solution-oriented,
respectful and positive way.

As in real life, think twice before you give advice – come from a place of kindness and speak from
personal experience.

Share your thoughts and experiences because they are valuable to all.

Focus on giving rather than getting, and your karma will be fabulous!

Promote Properly

We love it when women 50+ are running the world, but this is not the place to promote it! This is a
place to be social, chill and build relationships with your new sisters all around the world.

With that said…

In this Sisterhood, we have women who own businesses which serve and enhance our lives. We also have women who wish to do business with and support our sister-owned businesses. Gretchen is committed to this occurring, at the same time keeping this community a social, not a sales community.

Because we’ve grown so big, we can no longer utilize the Share Your Business post twicer per month. It simply get’s lost in the Facebook Feed in this incredibly active, ah-mazing community. Women sharing their businesses do not have the opportunity to showcase their products/services in the best light. AND…women wanting to better understand what others offer simply cannot easily find what they are looking for.

Here’s What’s Going to Happen:
1. We will phase out the Share Your Business and Blogger Roll Call posts twice per month. This will happen in April.
2. For our Sisters who would like to have their business known by the fast-growing Fab Women Over 50 Sisterhood, will join the Fab Business Directory.
3. Gretchen will circulate a link to the Fab Business Directory into the Fab Women Over 50 community every 6 hours. That is four times in a 24-hour period.

For Business Owners:
* You will have a visually beautiful business listing in the Fab Business Directory that showcases your business
the way you want. With full description and links to your website and other social media platforms.
* As part of the Directory, your business will gain continual exposure to all members every 6 hours.
* No more PMing members who might be interested in your products/services. Others can easily find you.
* You can get visit stats by the analytics from the Directory.
For Shoppers:
* You can browse the Directory to learn of products/services you might want to purchase without any sales
pressure at all!
* No more contacting Gretchen to find out who sells that great eye cream.
* You have only one place to go to find great products/services and you’ll see new offerings all the time.
* You can easily contact your Sisters directly through their listing in the Fab Business Directory.


Respect Others!

Be polite. Be compassionate. Respect others.

You might hear or see some words or ideas you don’t hear or see in your normal circles – and that’s
okay. Words are powerful, so please be mindful of considerate communication.

A sister can present a different point of view, as long as it’s done with respect to others, we don’t
consider that rude behavior. We encourage different points of view to broaden all of our horizons
but ask that it be communicated with respect and care.

When it comes to expressions of faith, practice tolerance. We are a global community of women who
have different religious views. Please do not act on the urge to comment or condemn someone for a
belief or practice that you don’t happen to share. Just move along to the next topic upon which you
can positively comment and add to someone’s day.

We welcome women from all walks of life. Hate speech will never be tolerated.

We heart cats… but not catty!

Please respect the group admins; Gretchen Asher, Michelle McCarthy and Tami Salazar. Their
decisions are final – that includes deleting posts and removing members from the group. Respect
their time and inbox.

If you have questions or comments, contact us via Messenger.

Taboo Topics

Conversations about POLITICS and RELIGION never end well and usually results in someone being
removed from this ah-mazing Sisterhood. So, how ‘bout we just not even think about poking those
sleeping bears at all.

A Note on Privacy

We do our best to vet every single member of this group to ensure it’s a safe space for women 50+.
That said, it’s impossible to do it perfectly. Take care with what you choose to share.

**Note: These rules are subject to change without notice. So check this document on occasion for any
updates or changes.**

If you don’t agree with these rules, kindly remove yourself from the group.

Other than that, let’s have some fun, share our lives, challenges, experience and triumphs. We’re
excited you’re here and to get to know you!