But I couldn’t find the solution. Sure, I found plenty of online groups, but they were limited to single topics, which meant popping in and out of so many different groups to get support for different topics. Who has time for that?

The rest of the groups focused on women under 40 or couples in retirement. Um, hello!?!

I wanted to scream: I’m not dead yet!

And I am my own person! And I have big dreams, big goals, and a big heart to share. Where are my women?!

I hope you’ll join me in creating a true revolution…

one where women like us are celebrated, connected, and thriving together.
We’re talking about all topics important to women in our stage of life, in one community, sharing our expertise and experience.

Best of all, we’re showing the world that we are a force of love, beauty, and wisdom.

Join us!

“If you knew me in person you would say I was loud, crazy, wild and a lot of fun. Behind all that, I’m actually camera shy, socially awkward if there isn’t some sort of plan, and generally allergic to telling people about myself.

BUT you have all inspired me, thank you. I’m 55, and the farmer’s wife. I may not say much online, but you may not realise how much all your words impact my life. So thank you.”