Have you reached a point in your life when you feel a twinge of discontent?

There often comes a moment for we women when we don’t feel unhappy, but just a tad dissatisfied.

Like a little something is missing. Women our age are coming out of long periods of nurturing others, lengthy demanding careers, and decentering of the self. We’ve often assumed the identity of the reliable caregiver, leaving our own needs, desires, hopes, and dreams buried. When our kids leave home and we shift out of these roles, it can leave us feeling a bit empty and lost.

When I recently surveyed nearly 500 women over 50, the 2nd most important topic for them was finding and furthering their passion. Women tell me that once their children become more self-sufficient and transition into adulthood, they feel an overwhelming need for greater self-fulfillment.

I myself experienced the same feelings. After some devastating losses and the horrendous changes of life caused by menopause, I was left shell-shocked, depleted, and in a financial crisis. I didn’t even know who I was becoming. My world had turned upside down and I didn’t know what direction to take.

I couldn’t quite put my finger on the nagging feeling I had. It moved with me in the shadows for weeks before I realized what it was. It was a long-lost urge to re-invent myself and find my passion in life. Once I identified this feeling, my outlook completely changed and my energy blossomed like the spring crocus. Now, with a passion and purpose, I am newly rejuvenated and ready to help other women like me to find their own passion and purpose so they can find new self-expression and joi de vive in life.

When we do something we love, it ignites a spark within us.

Once that spark is ignited, it does wonders for us spiritually, mentally, and even biochemically. Finding and furthering our passions actually changes our chemical compositions, resulting in healthier minds and bodies. According to Dr. Drago, the exploration of new and exciting experiences leads to dopamine releases. When we share these passions with others, oxytocin is also released, resulting in empathy and trust in these connections. The release of these chemicals leads to a sense of fulfilled purpose in life. It’s always a good thing to feel vibrant and energized.

So, how do you push forward towards fulfillment? How do you find and further your passions in a world that tells us to stop where we are and just be?

  1. Join online communities. The digital world is full of groups of people for every age group, interest, purpose, niche, or any other category you could imagine. Join a couple communities of women with similar interests, experiences, and outlooks. Network and bounce ideas off of each other.
  2. Get nostalgic. Think back to the times you were most happy or when you felt the most valued. Have you had an insatiable appetite for new recipes? Do you find that you are the go-to in your neighborhood when someone wants to know more about a certain plant or gardening technique? Did you find yourself volunteering in organizations that served a specific community? Use those memories to channel your passion into a plan.
  3. Learn something new. Has there ever been something you really wanted to learn more about but never had the time to invest in it? Join a local historical society, sign up for a community college course in the subject area, read up on the topic online or in the local library, or take an online course. Learning is life-long. Now’s the time to learn more about the things that excite you.
  4. Block out all the negativity. I know- this is easier said than done. We are constantly confronted by people who want to offer their opinions about what women our age should be doing. Smile and nod at them. But, do your own thing.

We often need inspiration and support to take on a nearly forgotten joy that makes our heart and soul sing. Whether it be a new vocation or hobby, finding passion and purpose leads to fulfillment. Find one thing that brings you pure joy. One thing that you are truly passionate about. That kindles a fire for you. That gives you new meaning.

I want to see you find your passion and ignite that spark within you. You have a special purpose.

You just need to figure out how to tap into it and allow your passion to blossom the way mine did. My e-book, “8 Things You Can Do to Discover Your Passion,” will guide you in finding out where your undiscovered purpose lies, waiting to be ignited. Turn your disconnection into a drive. Don’t wait any longer. Grab it today!

You are Fab and you deserve that fulfillment. Go out and find your passion today. Further it.