“Thank you for starting this group and for being very selective. I’ve met some great friends here. I’ve enjoyed giving and taking advice. When I say it’s a godsend, I mean it. I honestly need this group of Fabulous Women in my life!”


“If you knew me in person you would say I was wild, crazy, and a lot of fun. Behind all that, I’m actually camera shy, socially awkward, and if there isn’t a plan, generally allergic to telling people about myself. BUT – you have all inspired me. I may not say much online, but realise how much your words impact my life.”


“There are so many amazing and inspiring ladies in this group. I’m loving it!!”


“God bless the brain behind this group”


“I love the BeFab women! I had been so lonely, down, and out… and there you were. Thank you!!”


“I’m going to be 57 in an hour’s time. I wasn’t really looking forward to it, but after joining this group and seeing the awesome spirit of you lovely ladies, I say: Bring it on!”


“The feeling of invisibility as we reach this stage is so real. It is so encouraging to know that I’m not alone… or going crazy! I’m marching on with friendship, support, and encouragement.”


“I needed a place that I could relate to other women my age. Thank you for allowing me to join. This place is amazing. So many women who share their lives and in turn help others to realize that they are not alone in their challenges. TY ladies!”


“Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful group and all the hard work to keep it going!! This came in just the perfect time for me and I have truly been blessed with such amazing advice, encouragement and laughs along with sharing the heartaches and difficult experiences shared here. I have enjoyed seeing so many lovely ladies all in similar situations as I have been dealt and to have a safe place to come for advice is fantastic!!”