Wow! The Response!

I’m just gobsmacked!

I think I used that term correctly? Let me know, you lovelies from across the Pond!

I conducted a little Facebook poll to gather what is important to us…to women 50+. 

Now, I have been researching this for nearly 2 years now, but I really wanted to collect quantitative data because I have so very much qualitative data.  

It was a simple multiple choice poll, asking incredible women 50 and over to identify what is most important for us, these days. This was a please pick 3 of the 8 facets of your life which are most important to you now.  Super simple.

I figured I’d get 25 responses. I gave the poll a tiny $20 boost and….and I received nearly 500 responses!

Holy cow! That was far more than I anticipated.  Thank goodness, results are downloadable and they are easy to turn into a pretty pie chart that you see here. <big smiley face>  


Here’s the feedback…

Women vote most important issues to them

So, a bit of context around this info…

During my nearly 2 years of research about women 50+, I learned that there are 8 facets of our lives which are important to us, to varying degrees, of course.  They include:

  • Finding & Furthering Our Passion(s) – Many of us have put our personal passion(s) on the back burner for decades in order to work and raise our families.  Women tell me that once their children become more self-sufficient and/or enter adulthood, we feel an overwhelming need for greater self-fulfillment.  We often need inspiration and support to take on a nearly forgotten joy that makes our heart and soul sing; whether it be for a new vocation or a hobby.


  • Menopause – There are millions of peri & post-menopausal women worldwide. A shocking 50% of us believe it’s normal to feel depressed during menopause. In addition, many women suffer from debilitating menopausal symptoms for years simply because there are very few doctors who specialize in treating patients with hormone related issues and our complaints fall on deaf ears. This is needless suffering. We just need to connect with the right doctors who can provide guidance so that we can feel great into the post-menopausal years. I must admit, I thought menopause would have ranked higher in this poll due to the incredibly high number of private/secret Facebook groups specifically for this topic and the high number of women who belong to them. Women are suffering!


  • Career Growth & Change- At this stage in life we have experience, and perhaps well-established careers. However, often women are searching for something else or for the next step up or to figure out how to do something else altogether. In our 50s and beyond we often face ageism in the workplace making it challenging to change jobs or advance. Mid-life career transitions can so tricky.


  • Relationships – One surprise for many women 50 and older is how unexpectedly relationships can change.  Marriages often falter (or worse) once the kids are grown, we may need help re-connecting with our significant other or riding the rapids of him/her being home post-retirement. Unexpectedly, many of us discover that we can no longer put up with superficial friendships of our past and long to connect with like-minded women. Some of us admit to the challenges of relating to our children once they reach adulthood. Changing relationships can fill us with trepidation and angst.


  • Well-being – We are the most healthy, wealthy, vibrant group of women in history with a commitment to stay this way for many decades to come. Well-being is a broad category and encompasses everything from fitness to nutrition to stress reduction and enjoyment. We’re eager to be “in the know” regarding the latest on staying healthy, happy and energetic.


  • Money & Finance – We control a net worth of $19 trillion and hold amazing consumer power. Yet, only 37% of us are confident in our ability to own the planning for retirement and 80% of us are uncomfortable talking about finances.  These situations perpetuate the internal conversations for us like, My husband handles our money, or I don’t know if I will have enough to sustain me into my older years, leaving some women feeling disempowered and frightened.


  • Style – Many things change for women post 50 when it comes to style. Menopause can cause physical changes that inspire style adjustments or we surprisingly feel a yearning to really express our authentic selves in all that we do.  It can be tricky to match our wardrobe with who we are NOW, not who we’ve been for the past decade or so with all the changes that being 50+ brings.


  • Caring for Others – 65 million people (U.S. alone) provide care for ill, aging, disabled family members. Sixty-six percent (66%) of those caregivers are women. Without the proper knowledge and resources to support caregivers, the result is depression, exhaustion and/or worse. I know this one personally because I cared for my mother for 8 years during her illness and passing.


We deserve to be informed, be empowered, be connected and be Fabulous!  

That’s our commitment at BeFab Revolution. We bring credentialed experts to you online who specifically serve women. They provide “real” information and guidance to members across the 8 important facets of our lives so that we can make informed and empowered decisions to enhance our lives. Information is Empowerment!

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