Who We Are

BeFab Revolution is a virtual community of real women 50+.
We are dedicated to inspiring and empowering women age 50+ to be FABULOUS – not FABULESS –
to live fearlessly, truthfully, and passionately.

We are dedicated to learning, growing, and transforming – together!

We want to thrive and embrace life; to acknowledge the fabulous women we have each become
and make connections with others traveling the same paths.

It’s time to change that.

The negative stereotype of aging is so ingrained in our psyches and culture, it is difficult to overcome.

So, most of us don’t even try. We either just accept it and perpetuate it, or as is common with Baby Boomers, we deny that it’s happening at all and fight it mightily.

But that’s hard to do in the current online communities available for 50+ women; filled with tired memes about sagging boobs or comics about forgetfulness.

There is so much power in a community, especially with women from all around the globe!

It’s our time.

Oh sister, when it’s done right, a community of women can help you grow your wings and soar.

It’s powerful… it’s magical!

Let’s start a revolution.

With love,